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  • You don’t have to be an English major to be a storyteller. We have an incredible team ready to go, and we got you.
  • Each story must be your personal, true story up to 2,000 words. Oh yeah, and you also have an option to have your name on the front cover.

Business Secrets from the Battlefield to the Board Room

Frank Zaccari

Military Veteran

Frank Zaccari photo

The goal of my 4th book in my Business Secrets series will be a compilation book with Veterans. The tentative name is Business Secrets from the Battlefield to the Board Room. This will give Veterans the opportunity to tell their story in a chapter by a 3x bestselling author at a fraction of the cost, time, frustration and pain of writing a book.

As a Vietnam era veteran whose military experience was a springboard to a long and successful business career, I want to give veterans the opportunity to share how the lessons learned during and after the military helped shape their business life.

The authors of the accepted stories will be considered Contributing Authors. Since they paid to have their story in the book, they can use their story to post on their own website or where ever they see fit under the condition they reference the story can be found in the book Business Secrets from the Battlefield to the Board Room, by Frank Zaccari.

Terms and conditions will be provided to and must be signed by all accepted contributors.

Guidelines for Potential Contributing Authors

  • Limit of 2,000 words. Must be edited.
  • Provide a bio 100-word maximum
  • Acceptable/respectful language.
  • The author (me and the publisher have the final say as to what stories get into the book).

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